Bonnie Tallagnon, Secretary

Front Door“ There is nothing like experience! “
A very true truism!
I have always viewed homelessness as the saddest state of affairs. I am so grateful each time that I crawl into my nice soft, clean bed at night, and thank God for it!
What could I possibly do to help other unfortunate human beings who live without this basic sense of security and the peace that goes along with it!  Then in 2003 along came Anne Daly asking me if I would be interested in helping to clean up the house that she and Vicky Edgerly and Steve Ryan were finally able to purchase for the homeless.
A beautiful stately home where homeless or near-homeless folks could settle in, have a clean and soft bed, in a room of their own, to catch their breath, to get their feet under them, to have their stories heard, to have their issues addressed, to gain employment, to have their finances straightened out and to learn about budgeting through the Rep Payee Program overseen by Elaine and Mike Ready, to gain self-esteem, to regain hope, and to ultimately have a home of their own. These Three Musketeers knew all of the issues. Vicky, after years as Director of General Assistance for the City of Biddeford, where people who are at the end of their rope go for help ; Anne, having been the Community Crisis Liaison for the Department of Mental Health & Mental Retardation and saw folks in every desperate state of affairs ; Steve and his partner Jim, competent landlords of long standing had seen so much. Remarkably, that after spending their daily hours working with these problems … were passionate about spending their after hours to right the wrongs that they saw.  And, because they had come face to face with this problem and, through their experience, knew the ways and means to help find a better life for other persons, and created a way for me to volunteer, as well.
I am in awe of this spirited band, and eternally grateful for allowing me on board.