Celia Schafer, Treasurer

Curved WallBeing Treasurer of The Maine Way, Inc. has been a priority in my life for the past ten years….giving me the opportunity to help create an organization that will provide an essential service for our community for years that may extend far beyond the life span of any one individual.  My work in They Maine Way is my legacy.

I came to The Maine Way with a strong financial background and experience providing support care for children and adults with developmental disabilities and behavioral health challenges.  It was a perfect fit to become a member of The Maine Way Board, supporting unfortunate folks who face the risk of becoming homeless.

Homeless is primarily related to extreme poverty and lack of support from families and government programs.  I believe The Maine Way provides the family-type support that is so desperately needed to help people regain their independence and become grounded once again in the community.

My work in The Maine Way is very important to me.